We introduce advantageous information from AMU PLAZA Kumamoto 1F Higo Marche Hello Day✨

★ This week (5/30-6/5), "Fish Weeeeeek! ] will be held.

Powerful! The best Nokkake in the history of Hello Day! !

Eat up "Tenkomori Sushi" and seasonal fish from Kyushu 🐟

Introducing products such as "Kyushu Production Area Assortment 6 Pieces" 🍣

Also, on Hello Day, you can get a bargain for 7 days with "Every day safe price declaration" 👛

Please enjoy shopping at Hello Day this week as well.

Check out the Hello Day flyer here !

In addition, at AMU PLAZA Kumamoto, "Amu ㊎ Special Day Time Sale" is being held every Friday.

From 17:00 to 19:00, 1F Higo Marche (Food Zone) is more bargain than usual!

We are looking forward to your visit.